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Web Hosting Services for Businesses in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a rapidly growing country, its economic advancement has taken many of its citizens by surprise. The need to market individual businesses amidst the stiff competition has become a major necessity. Creation of websites has not been enough, web hosting of the websites will determine the rate at which businesses grow. So SeekaHost has taked initiative to offer Web Hositng in Sri Lanka.

ClickDo has identified this gap in Sri Lanka and is determined to help businesses grow.What do you think an old, inadequately planned site appears to clients? Your site says a lot and guaranteeing a legitimately outlined website with solid ease of use is a standout amongst the most compelling ways you can empower and support online transformations.

SeekaHost prvides the best web hosting services that will improve your site by hosting it for you. We have a wide array of skills that will enable us to deliver the best results following your specifications.


Tracking and reporting

You have to gain from your site. Keeping cautious track and picking up a profound comprehension of what is going on is your most logical option for making upgrades on the web. At ClickDo, we ensure that your site is up to date through our numerous web upgrades.

Visibility in list items

Web search engines advertising can be a beast, particularly in ventures as aggressive as hosting. Be that as it may, you know potential clients are scanning on the web for their next web host. Our team at ClickDo will employ techniques to ensure that you accomplish such visibility and exploit any open doors present.

Getting social

Clients are on web-based networking media, and they hope to discover you there. Keeping active profiles and keeping up a connecting with, intuitive presence attempts to construct your credibility according to your client base. ClickDo Web hosting is aware of client benefit on social destinations and will work to make our clients highly discoverable.

The role of content

Content makes all the difference as is commonly said and correspondences are at the centre of your image.Many hosting organizations blunder for being too technical or dry in their copy and content. ClickDo will decide on a decent voice and persona that will appeal to clients.

Given how focused the hosting space is, the above strategies cooperate to make a balanced, successful marketing plan. Marketing is dynamic, and we are dependably vigilant for new channels and techniques. We likewise realize that each website that we host is one of a kind. When you work with ClickDo, we will assess your specific need and give custom suggestions needed for hosting your site.

We know the hosting business


ClickDo web hosting Solutions has worked with a great number of clients. We comprehend the market, the contenders, and your dialect. Give our group a chance to furnish you with business development, showcasing system and industry grounded counsel to take your website business to the next level. Wouldn’t you like to work with a company that knows what u need? In the present computerized economy of Sri Lanka, your site is a standout amongst the most visible and important methods for speaking with your present and potential clients. In other words, a considerable measure of your business is reliant on your sites.

ClickDo agency offers site hosting solutions that give initiatives an adaptable, very versatile, and minimal cost approach to convey their sites and web applications. With this abundance of choices, we can fabricate and host amazing sites that will better serve your clients and, subsequently, benefit your business. By moving your sites to the cloud, you can diminish facilitating costs and examine application conduct to transform your information into noteworthy outcomes.

These solutions are likewise frequently completely overseen, making an activity that is substantially less demanding. So what benefits will you gain from hosting your websites with us compared to other traditional hosting companies cannot?

you will have full control over your business workloads. With the many sizes of servers accessible, we can construct sites and web applications with the innovation that you are mostly OK with. You likewise have the adaptability to pick the working framework, dialect, and devices that are appropriate for you. A few suppliers, similar to Amazon Web Services, even let you pick your stage and go the extent that giving SDKs to a considerable lot of the more mainstream stages like Java, Ruby, PHP, Node.js, and .Net.

general society cloud gives you the versatility to deal with a variable request from buyers on your sites. Our hosted sites and web applications besides are profoundly versatile and automatically adjust to grow or shrink to meet the requests that your buyers put on your digital platforms or website.

As with most parts of the cloud, you pay just for the assets that you use without direct expenses or long haul contracts. The pay-as-you-go evaluating model for variable workloads like digital advertising enables you to pay just for what you utilize. Presently you can take the cash you spare and spend it on things that separate your business from your competitors.

Customers going to your sites can be found anyplace on the planet. our platforms have datacenters in every place, which implies you' re ready to have a server firm hosting your site anyplace on the planet.

One beyond any doubt approach to losing a site visitors is with slow site performance. Our web hosting and furthermore web improvement administrations will convey your dynamic, static and gushing content with an ideal performance and utilize a worldwide system.

Ready to discuss your project?

Not only do you build the performance and lower the hosting expense of your site, you also have higher chances of exploiting different administrations that may assist you to analyze usage designs, configurations and discover approaches to expand your site security and transform your site information into possible business results.