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Every business needs the incorporation of web design and development for it to succeed. Web design encompasses a variety of skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites.

The diverse ranges of web design include web graphic design, interface design, authoring that includes standardized code and proprietary software, user experience design and search engine optimization. Most individuals prefer to work in teams that cover a variety of aspects of the design process, although some web designers cover them all. The term web design is usually used to describe the designing process in relation to the client’s side design of a website including writing mark up.

The process partially overlaps web engineering in the wider scope of web development. Wed designers are supposed to have usability awareness and be up to date with web accessibility guidelines especially if their job involves creating mark up

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The drastic economic growth of Sri Lanka has made web design and development a dire necessity in marketing and advertising. ClickDo is a creative digital agency that offers web solutions to all types of businesses. The agency will work with web designers in Sri Lanka work to create websites with their client’s personal domain names. This means that people can find their clients any time they need to. The agency offers a wide range of domain name services including registration, domain management, domain parking, search engine submissions, web hosting and E-marketing.

At ClickDo, we offer web transfers to clients who may have registered their domain elsewhere. We offer high quality, professional UNIX web hosting to clients all over the world. They have data centres that are directly connected to the internet through redundant high-speed optic cables to multiple backbone providers. The hosting plans include PHP 4 and PHP 5 which is a general-purpose language for scripting suited for Web development.

Sri Lanka is endowed with many businesses gaps. Most of them are actually to get on their feet. This is where ClickDo comes in, we help small companies grow, while maintaining the already established ones at the top. We help every brand have something unique to offer. The essence of every online brand strategy is to be able to perceive, package and present this uniqueness fully to its specific audience in a creative way. The teams at ClickDo is has built and delivered solutions for many successful businesses.Show Less…

Creation of Responsive Websites

ClickDo designs responsive websites as well. A responsive web design adjusts according to the screen size of a client’s website visitor. This means that a client’s website will maintain a clean, simple and amazing look on all sizes of screens, whether a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The cost and seemingly efficiency of a pre-made template may appeal some clients. However, some templates have been so overused that any site developed using any of them may fade into mediocrity. ClickDo’s custom web design is not just a way of elevating clients on the internet, it also gives them the freedom of having their sites designed in accordance to the business’ specific requirements.

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We are professional web designers and will work with a client from the very beginning of a project, to ensure that our clients receive the best products possible. We pride in having all our clients’ sites designed and hand-coded to custom specifications by our in-house development team utilizing best practices with the implementation of web standards as required by the internet’s governing authorities. This ensures that the designs are kept flowing and unadulterated by development, leaving our clients with aesthetically appealing and sound sites. Show Less…

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End-to-End Solutions for the hospitality Industry

One of the ClickDo’s web design and development services includes creating websites for hospitality facilities that has seen many businesses grow drastically. We have delivered game-changing solutions for many hotels and travel companies in various countries. Websites that we developed for these clients earn hundreds of millions of rupees profit wise.

End-to- End Solutions for the hospitality Industry

Mobile website and application

ClickDo designs responsive websites as well. A responsive web design adjusts according to the screen size of a client’s website visitor. This means that a client’s website will maintain a clean, simple and amazing look on all sizes of screens, whether
a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Mobile website and application

Game-changing solutions

With a many years’ experience in delivering web design and development across many industries, ClickDo has been able to deliver game-changing solutions to many companies and businesses. This has helped in increasing web-based revenue by millions of rupees and dramatically changing our clients’ business models.

Game changing solutions

Web hosting and Email solutions

ClickDo solutions will cover business enterprises in Sri Lanka fully by creating web designs that will offer ideal solutions that are certain to meet our client’s budget. These services include;

  • Shared Hosting privilege

  • VPS Hosting Plans

  • Domain Registration Service

  • 24/7 Technical Service

  • Cloud Hosting Privilege

  • Dedicated server Option

  • Managed Hosting Service

  • Email Facilities

Web hosting and Email solutions

Videos and Commercials

It’s amazing that at ClickDo we are able and willing to edit commercial videos done for broadcasts on TV and internet plus a flash presentation for all types of events. Digital slideshows, TV commercials, YouTube and online video marketing are all covered when it comes to editing. Our web designers and developers will use the correct techniques to ensure that our clients have high-quality videos and commercials that will keep them at the top amidst the high competition.

Videos and Commercials

ClickDo web designers offer high-quality services for all sizes of businesses in Sri Lanka. Whether we are dealing with a first time client looking to grow their online presence, or a business entity with an already existing website looking to redesign it with improved online presence, our unquestionable expertise in creating innovative web designs will surely satisfy their dynamic desires.

Our agency is endowed with highly qualified and experienced professional web designers with the ability to develop a variety of projects effectively and efficiently.
Explore the unique ClickDo web design and development process that will enable us to handle any kind of sophisticated custom made websites. Contact us today for all kinds of web design and development required to elevate any sizes of businesses in Sri Lanka.

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