Ways To Make Money Online In Sri Lanka

100 Tried And Tested Ways To Make Money Online

The internet has changed the way we do things; almost every sphere of our lives has been transformed or changed by the internet over the past 15 years or so. But one of the most interesting changes has been the ability to make money online in Sri Lanka. You probably have heard about it, right? People who spend all day hidden in their apartments glued to their laptops or Smartphones, from Monday to Friday. And they always seem to pay their bills on time; most are even rolling big, literally eating life from a big spoon! Welcome to the world of online money making.

There are over a hundred ways to make money online if you are living in Sri Lanka and the beauty of it is that it doesn’t matter whether you’re a university student, an unemployed person, or one with a regular job looking to make extra cash; all that you’ll need is a laptop and internet.

Forget the online cons and scams that thrive on making money out of you all in the name of helping you make money. Nay! I’m here to empower you for free, absolutely free. By the end of this post, I’ll have given you 100 tried and tested ways of making money online, how to smell a genuine opportunity from a fake one, well, and how to remain at the top of the field you decide to pick.

But a quick reminder though;
  • There’s nothing like making easy money on the internet, in any case, there are cons and scammers on every corner.

  • Thus, the secret lies in being patient, consistent, courteous, hard work, and well, an element of luck. From my own experience, you will make a few mistakes here and there but each mistake made while working online only makes you wiser.

  • Everyone that ever made money online will tell you that they almost gave up but held on; I’ll encourage you too to stay focused and give yourself time to learn the ropes because it always pays, always!

Now Without Much Ado, Allow Me To List Down These 100 Ways To Make Money Online

  • 1

    Simple online jobs; the first time I made money online was in 2007 when I was in my 2nd year in University. And guess what I did? I was paid to watch videos and write comments below them.  One of the easiest ways for anyone to make money online is by doing small micro jobs like writing video comments, reading emails, or even completing surveys. No university degree needed, just good communication skills and eye for detail. Some of the most popular sites I’d suggest you try include; ClixSense, mTurk, Swagbux, to mention just a few.

  • 2

    Freelance writing; the second most common way of making money is by Freelance writing. The freelancing industry employs millions of writers from all corners of the world. Well, but freelancing will require passion and an ability to submit quality content that’s unique and plagiarism free. Some freelancing sites will you per hour or per word. Some of the leading Freelancing sites include Freelancer, TextBroker, and so many more.

  • 3

    Editing and proofreading; these two are similar to freelance writing but in this case, you are paid to read, correct grammatical mistakes, proofread for any noticeable errors before submitting the work to a site or client; and you get paid via PayPal or any other online payment mode.

  • 4

    Blogging; blogging is different from freelancing in that while freelancing is about getting the topic from a client or site, blogging lets you decide what you want to write about. In other words, blogging is more like having a website where you write and post your favorite topics. You use SEO friendly tricks to pull as much traffic to your site as much as possible and once traffic starts flowing in, you can now monetize that.  You do so by affiliate marketing, use of Google Ad Sense programs, or having brands pay to advertize on your platform. WordPress is a free blogging platform that comes complete with an interface that lets you ‘design your own site, pick the theme/background appearance, insert photos, videos, and post content’.

  • 5

    Digital marketing; traditional marketing via radio, TV, Newspapers and Magazines already got replaced by digital marketing. As a digital marketer, you’ll be responsible for giving brands visibility online by helping them attain top ranking on Google. Digital marketers work smart by employing SEO tools and tactics to direct traffic towards as certain site or product. They earn good £ £ £ just sitting, strategizing, and implementing marketing campaigns from the comfort of their living rooms.

  • 6

    SEO/SEM; digital marketers rely on SEO tools and tricks to increase traffic to a site or to get top ranking on major search engines.  Your work will be to check out a website, take note of weaknesses and things that can be improved on, then approach the site owner (online of course) and convince them to let you help modify their site and implement strategies that would help give their brand top ranking. SEO and SEM experts are some of the smartest online money makers because they have to remain ahead of a game that’s constantly evolving. Their tools of trade include Facebook, Bing ads, Google AdWords, and so on.

  • 7

    Web designers; a few years back, clients would have to meet web designers one on one in order to explain how they wish to have their sites designed, give specs, and so on. Not any longer.  As long as you have the skills of designing a website, are conversant with Adobe photo editor programs, or whatever skills that you possess; you can make money online right from the comfort of your home. A good place where you’re likely to meet genuine clients that pay well is Upwork.

  • 8

    Influencers; how many followers do you have on Instagram, Snapchat, or even on Twitter? Influencers are people that command a huge following online and as such, have the potential to influence. Brands and products are willing to pay them just to get endorsed, or associated with the influencers.

  • 9

    Translation jobs; do you speak multiple languages fluently? Translation jobs are easy because the client will send you a task in one language, ask you to translate to another. For instance from Mandarin or Bengali to English, English to French, and so on. Translators make up to $ 43,000 per year working on sites like Translate.com, OneHour translation.com, Rev, Unbabel, to mention a few.

  • 10

    Transcription jobs; transcription jobs are similar to translation but in this case, you’ll be asked to transfer content or info from one medium to another. For instance from a PDF file to Word Doc. Medical transcription jobs are some of the most common and they tend to pay best.

  • 11

    Network affiliate marketing; affiliate marketers earn their money by selling products online on behalf of the mother company. Although this form of making money online has been misused in the recent years, don’t be quick to dismiss it. Affiliate marketing works by targeting the thousands of vendors who’re willing to pay a commission to people like you, if you can help them sell their products. As a beginner, start with affiliate networks so that you gauge which one is more profitable. Sites like Clickbank and Commission Junction are great for beginners.

  • 12

    Newsletters; do a bit of research on the demographics and interests of potential clients or customers, and then bombard them with Newsletters. You have to balance between not annoying the recipient with endless newsletters, and making them informative/interesting/entertaining. For instance, a newsletter about an upcoming event could feature a catchy story of the history of the venue, ending with a sales pitch requesting the recipient to show up.

  • 13

    Email marketing; email marketing is just that; it means sending clients emails with details of what you’re selling or services you’re offering. The point here is not so much on getting instant responses, but future prospective clients. Thus, you send the emails to as many recipients as possible.

  • 14

    Online modeling; in this day and age of Instagram, Snapchat, and many other online platforms, photos and videos can easily go viral. Brands are always looking for models with the right, perfect bodies to help promote their brand. Take good profession photos, send them to an agency and get paid; you can have your face hidden or pixeled out, or even shown if the brand is a decent on that you’d not be ashamed of being associated with.

  • 15

    Online webcam shows; let’s face the truth, sex sells and has always been selling. Online sex chats and Skype sex shows are strangely, some of the highest paying online jobs! The fact that some men are willing to pay hundreds of £ £ £ an hour just to see a girl undress or tease him on the cam tells you just how hot things can get. Some models will entertain more than one man a day or night without leaving their apartments, or even showing their faces; they earn thousands of pounds a week.

  • 16

    YouTube Videos; here you’ll just need to have a YouTube channel or use a friend’s. Next, ensure that you post interesting and entertaining videos that are capable of pulling traffic to your site. Google owns YouTube and they pay you heftily when your channel has more viewers and subscriptions.

  • 17

    Social media marketing; sell your products and items online via social media platforms like Facebook. Here, you can try marketing your goods or services on groups and platforms that are related to what you’re offering. From home made meals to manufactured products, anything; social media marketing is easy and you can reach millions of people across the world.

  • 18

    Writing product reviews; a client sends you a list of products and all that you have to do is open the URL, look at the product and write a review. Some sites will even send you the product for free so you can use it and be able to write a factual review. Amazon product reviews are some of the best paying but there are many more companies and brands out there willing to pay you handsomely just to write positive product reviews.

  • 19

    Escort profiles and reviews; welcome to the naughty side of the internet where you get paid to imagine that you’re an escort, or a client that has spent time with one. Imagine you visited London last week and met a pretty escort, had good times and you now have to write your experience for other potential clients to see. Alas, and you’re doing this all this from the comfort of your hostel or house, all that you require being only being a laptop, the internet, and a creative mind.

  • 20

    Online surveys; online surveys and form filling are also a great way of earning quick money online. You will need to sign up to the sites in order to be able to fill in the forms or survey; this takes 20 to 30 minutes after which you get paid. A good place to start would be Paid Survey Sites like Swagbucks, MySurvey, YouGov, etc.

  • 21 

    Selling email lists; marketers are always looking for leads and ways to reach out to new clients. If you have a list contacts of people you think have interests related to what the marketers are offering, you can sell that database to the marketers. The good thing here is that you can sell the database to multiple marketers as long as the list therein is relevant to the marketing campaign being undertaken.

  • 22

    Social media executives/managers; it is one thing to have a degree in marketing and advertizing. It is another to be a crafty social media marketer capable of making an impact on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. Companies are always looking for Social Media Executives and manager who can work from home as long as they’re helping give their brand a robust online presence.

  • 23

    Online PR firm; you can charge people and companies a fee to promote their image online, to package and present them in a way that helps advance their reputation or worth.

  • 24

    Mobile App development; mobile app development is a multi million pound industry that has room and space for anyone able to design an app. Of course, you have to be good at coding but more importantly, think of an app that will transform the user’s life in a way they won’t want to do without it. Google Play Store will pay you well each time the app is downloaded from anywhere in the world. There are numerous articles online on how to develop a mobile app.

  • 25

    Apps review; you don’t have to be a coder in order for you to get paid to write an app review. Just download an app and take note of the download time, the interface (is the app easy to install, start using), and send this review to the client; you get paid handsomely regardless of whether you uninstall the app immediately after writing the review or not.

  • 26

    Delivery rider/driver; you have a bike/car and a Smartphone? This is for the days you don’t have classes or are just bored and looking to step out and freshen up. There are Franchises desperately looking for delivery men and women in areas around you and you can earn up to £16. Check Deliveroo and see their offers.

  • 27

    Fiverr Gigs; fiverr is a large market place where thousands of people make money online from. People sell their services, usually referred to as gigs. The services could include anything from social media posting, doing voiceovers, comedy and pranks, you name it. The default rate for every service is $5 hence the term Fiverr. The more gigs you attach, the more money you’ll make.

  • 28

    Music reviews; do you love music, not as a singer or instrumentalist but as a mere listener? There are sites that are willing to pay you when you listen to their music and write a review or comment below. SlicethePie is a good place to start.

  • 29

    Online music studio; download music making software and make beats and instrumentals that you can sell online. Many music producers have made much cash making beats that they post on YouTube and leave their contacts below; interested upcoming artists are always willing to pay for a nice beat.

  • 30

    Sell your school notes; do you know that there are sites where you can share your school notes with other students and get paid for that? You, you just upload your notes together with the price you’re charging and interested students can download them for a small few.

  • 31

    Buying/selling of domain names; domain names are website addresses that end with .com, co.uk, and .net. It costs you less than £2 to register a domain name at GoDaddy.com or 123-reg.c0.uk.  Yet, a premium domain will go for up to £1,000 or even more when being sold.

  • 32

    Online tutors; students taking online courses spend millions of £ £ £ on paying tutors to teach them and mark their exams. You have to be skilled and qualified in the field you wish to tutor your students in. A good place to start would be UK Tutors and Udemy.

  • 33

    Online HR agencies; most companies nowadays are recruiting from the internet and as a HR expert you can handle the applications online and send the shortlisted candidates list to the employer. You’re more like a broker, hunting for potential employees from LinkedIn and other online job adverts; the employer gives you a commission at the end of the exercise.

  • 34

    Online Doctors; not all illnesses deserve a visit to the doctor as the internet has become the new source of information. It could be that there’s a first time mother looking for tips to bathe or feed her newborn, a girl with menstrual pain, an adult with an aching tooth looking for a quick remedy at home. If you have the skills, just get some online presence and leave your contacts; people are willing to pay for online medical consultation especially if you’re qualified and offering effective remedies.

  • 35

    WordPress Plugins; there are online money making opportunities for those that are well conversant with WordPress themes and plugins. Companies are always looking to outsource the designing of their website to coders and those conversant with WordPress.

  • 36

    Data entry jobs; Data entry jobs are some of the easiest ways to make money online, however, they are also the most prone to scammers. You will need to be accurate and able to meet tough deadlines. In order to avoid getting scammed, it’s important check out legit data entry jobs.

  • 37

    Earning from Cashback sites; you can earn some money online each time you shop from sites like eBay and Amazon. But you will need to sign up to sites like CashKaro, ShopAtHome, and eBates and ensure that you shop through them; you always get  2% to 5% cashback from the total amount you used to shop, as long as you shopped from these sites.

  • 38

    Podcasting; Podcasts could be a video of an interview you did on a funny or trending topic; it could also be about a topic you’re well conversant with, eg current affairs or finance.  Some media houses and individuals are willing to pay for good videos; you can also post them online on your YouTube channel.

  • 39

    Getting paid to click; PCS jobs aka paid to click jobs are super easy; you just click a given URL stay there for a few minutes and earn your money. The pay may be small per click but if you have multiple sites to click you’ll notice that it’s quite a lot by the end of the month.

  • 40

    Newspaper columnists and correspondents; freelancer writers, feature article writers; you don’t have to be employed by a major Newspaper of magazine in order to have your work published. Simply write your story and email it online to the editor and if he/she likes it, chances are that they may hire you to be a regular contributor.

  • 41

    Writing eBooks; an eBook is ideal if you are passionate and authoritative in a certain field, for instance Dog Training, How to fight alcoholism, and so on. You will set a price for your eBook and email it to as many people as are willing to pay for it.

  • 42

    Sharing content; if you have a knack for writing really interesting and captivating content that can go viral, then you can sell it online and have it published. This could be a humorous experiences, a joke, funny one liners, and so on.

  • 43

    Contextual advertising; blogging is one thing, but having advertisers pay you to share anchor texts that contain links is another. For this to happen your blog site must be pulling huge traffic to marketers can see the potential for returns.

  • 44

    Selling ads on your site; if your website/blog posts are attracting huge traffic on the site, you can charge brands and products a fee to place ads on the site.

  • 45

    Renting and selling space to write on your website; as a blogger, you can get paid by other upcoming or little known bloggers and have them publish their work on your site.

  • 46

    Writing for other sites; get paid by bloggers and other site owners to write content and post it on their site. It could be that you have a better gasp to they are just fatigued and in need of someone that can fill up content on their behalf.

  • 47

    Sell photos online; are you a professional photographer or one with passion for photography? You can take nice photos on your phone of camera and sell them online for a fee. There are photo sharing sites where interested people can buy the photos and use them.

  • 48

    Online music lessons; online guitar and piano lessons are always in demand from music lovers and music producers. You can post the lessons on YouTube or email them directly to the interested students. The lessons are offered in phases and the student pays for each lesson as you advance.

  • 49

    Design and sell courses online; again, you can be the designer of a course in a field you are well versed in and sell them online. From dog training short courses to working out and aerobics, Yoga, public speaking; you just need to be creative and come up with a regiment or step by step guide that you can record in a CD and sell online.

  • 50

    Online guidance and counseling services; just like the online doctor or online tutor, there is also a niche for the online guidance and counselor. For a small fee, people with weighty issues could seek solace and a shoulder to lean on during heartbreak or when they feel so low. You could get paid to call them and offer your professional advice, or even conduct a Skype call to comfort and encourage them. You get paid to offer counseling online and trust you me, the internet is full of men and women facing such weighty issues that any offer for assistance and advice is always welcome.

  • 51

    Caption photos with quotes; photographers may be good at taking the right photos for the moment, knowing the best time or lighting to take a photo, and so on. But they may not be so good in writing the captions. Often, motivational and inspirational quotes are always best understood when they have a nature photo, animal photo accompanying them. Get in touch with top photographers and offer to caption their photos; most photographers are always more than welcome to pay for such because it helps advance their work.

  • 52

    Online Forex trading; forex traders work by waiting for the right moment to sell a currency they bought and make a profit from the difference in conversion rates of two currencies. Some of the leading online forex trading sites include CMC Markets, Forex.com, Saxo Bank, and many more.

  • 53

    Selling books online; you can also make some quick money by selling old books online, a site like BookScouter is a great place to start. You’ll just need to enter the ISBN number and bid for buyers based on the price you’ve set.

  • 54

    Sell recipes online; nowadays, chefs and hotels are always looking for new recipes to serve their guests and if you are passionate about cooking, you could make a homemade video of the recipe you’re preparing. As long as the meal is tasty and recipe easy to follow, there are always chefs and people willing to pay for that.

  • 55

    Desktop publishing; are you good with adobe Photoshop? You can help magazines and other publications in designing their front page covers or any other photos they need edited; a smart way to make money from the comfort of your room. However, you must have the skills in photo editing and use of latest photo software.

  • 56

    CPA; CPA refers to cost per action and it entails you convincing other people to sign up or register in a site. The commissions are numerous here.

  • 57

    Membership sites; if you are knowledgeable and well versed on a certain topic; you can create a site for users looking for answers in that field. You start by posting content that solves questions to particular problems; as the traffic increases and people start quoting your site you can start charging a membership fee for anyone that wants to access the site. You can do this on WordPress; just buy a theme or plugin to make the site appear more professional and authoritative.

  • 58

    Online journalism; online journalism is vast and it can include anything from writing a script for a TV programme to being an online panelist (you’ll just need a good grasp of the topic, your laptop and internet). Online Journalism pays handsomely and you can make it a fulltime job.

  • 59

    Visual arts, designing jobs; sites like Evanto Studio and 99 Designs pay designers good cash just to design logos, emblems, even covers of magazines and other publications.

  • 60

    Online focus groups; Microsoft, Google, PayPal and any other companies are always seeking feedback from users in order to help them improve on their service delivery. Make money by helping them get feedback from their products.

  • 61

    Online Tech Support; big companies find it easier outsourcing some of their tasks to qualified persons who are willing to avail their services online. Tech support is one such task; you make money by solving tech related problems, mostly relating to computer software and hardware.

  • 62

    Call center jobs; if you are fluent in English and are courteous, you can make money working as a customer care representative for a major brand or business. You’re trained on how to respond to queries, how to direct customers with queries to the right department; you’ll need good quality headphones, a laptop and internet.

  • 63

    Virtual assistant; virtual assistant work like office assistants helping in data entry, customer care, telemarketing, or any other task that may come up. Only that this time, you do this from your home without the hassle of commuting back and forth. Some of the leading sites that offers legitimate virtual assistant jobs include Fancy Hands,  Fexjobs.

  • 64

    eBay and Amazon sellers; sell merchandise on behalf of these sites and get paid. If you are a good marketer, you will easily get nice commissions from selling products on Amazon and eBay online; millions of people make a living doing so.

  • 65

    Google AdSense; you just need a blog site or website for you to make money from Google AdSense. When visitors to your site click on the AdSense ads, Google pays you up to 68% of what they received from the advertisers.

  • 66

    Revenue sharing sites; check out sites like Xomba, Snipsly, HubPages, or even InfoBarrel.com.  Just signup and get paid to write nice articles. You will need to acquaint yourself with SEO and Keyword research so that the content can have higher chances of top ranking on search engines.

  • 67

    Selling gadgets online; why not, you could also make money online by buying laptops, Smartphones, and other electronics and resell theme at a profit. People are always looking to sell their items in a hurry when faced with a financial emergency and if you are able to purchase such items at that hour of need, you can later sell them for a profit.

  • 68

    Stock photography; if you take good quality photos of animals, nature, landmarks, prominent people and the likes, you could make money by selling them to sites like Shutterstock, Fotolia, iStock, Dreamstime, Getty Images, and many more.

  • 69

    Sell artwork online; are you an art collector or painter who has passion for artistic works? The internet has numerous platforms and sites where you can auction such to the highest bidder. Paintings if nicely done can fetch thousands of pounds online.

  • 70

    Send viral videos online; funny videos of animals, children, comics and pranks, real life situations; all these are in high demand in this day and age of social media. Major sites and publications like The Sun, Daily Mail, Live Leaks, Ripleys Believe It Or Not are just some of the sites that will pay handsomely for any unique viral video.

  • 71

    Sponsored links/posts; if your site is authoritative and with huge traffic, marketers will always pay you well to sponsor links to their products or websites.

  • 72

    Sponsored tweets; similarly, some individuals or companies pay you to tweet on their behalf. This is more like being in charge of the twitter account, tweeting and replying to tweets from other users.

  • 73

    Getting paid to like Facebook posts; although this doesn’t always pay very well, there are some brands that will pay you to visit their Facebook page and like or leave a comment.

  • 74

    Playing games online; before games are released into the market, the makers and designers always get some people to test them and leave feedback that may help them improve. They pay you to play a game online and share feedback with them. It’s an easy and fun way of making money online.

  • 75

    Product testing; again, product testing is all about picking an item that’s given for free and using it, then sharing the feedback. The product can be shipped right to your doorstep for testing, or you could pick it from a designated dealer around you.

  • 76

    Raise money for charity; although this one is debatable, raising money via charity is a lucrative way of making money online. Some people may find it unethical but truth is that if you have a cause that you’re passionate about, you can open a Facebook page or online platform to have donors and partners send their contributions to you.

  • 77

    Crowdfunding; like the name suggests, crowdfunding is all about raising funds from online crowds.  People donate their money to you online and all that you’ll need is to have a nice, juicy story or content that people will enjoy reading.

  • 78

    Software testing; software engineers are known to pay businesses and individuals to try out their software online before release into the market. The software could vary, from the one used to hide IP addresses to software used to translate or check for plagiarism in content, and so on.

  • 79

    Selling insurance online; become an online insurance agent and sell policies to clients online, on behalf of the mother company. You don’t have to go from door to door looking for potential clients; just online marketing via emails, Skype calls, and once the deal is sealed, you can now direct the client to the mother company and await your commission.

  • 80

    Online voiceovers; do you have a nice voice that’s ideal for doing documentaries or any other features? Check out for opportunities on sites like Upwork or liaise with film makers online who’re looking for people to do voice overs. They will send you the written script and all that you will need is to record your voice in a crisp, audible manner.

  • 81

    Resume and cover writing; thousands of job applicants lose out on job opportunities each week due to poorly done Resumes and cover letters. Such people are willing to pay a professional who can draft their cover letters and write the perfect Resume. Check out sites like My Perfect Resume, Resume Genius, etc.

  • 82

    E commerce site; companies like Amazon started off as small ecommerce sites and today they are worth millions of pounds. You too could start an own  site to sell merchandise online, where shoppers can shop for goods and services online, pay online, and you receive your cut each time they complete the transaction. You can liaise directly with the manufacturer or distributor and deal exclusively with their products.

  • 83

    Online real estate brokers and agents; the internet is full of wealthy buyers looking for prime property. Most don’t have the time to go round looking for property and here is where you come in; identify a real estate that has property and agree with them on the commission you’ll get if you get a buyer for their property. You could then look for clients online, sometimes you even earn double because the real estate agent pays you a commission and the client also gives you a tip for helping them land their dream property.

  • 84

    Trading on Craigslist; Craigslist is one example of many online websites where you can advertize your goods or services absolutely free. There are different sections where you post your ad and the responses are always numerous. However, you want to be careful as Craigslist has many fake ads, scammers and cons; never send money or pay for any good and service you’re yet to receive.

  • 85

    Online advertising and branding; as an online advertiser, you don’t need a huge office, staff, or such. You just need to be good in marketing and branding, and an ability to convince. Companies are always looking for online advertisers who can help them reach the many customers who spend most of their time online researching and shopping.

  • 86

    Coupon site; Amazon and eBay are good examples of coupon sites and you too can start your own site and earn handsomely. You earn by selling coupons on behalf of merchants who transact online.

  • 87

    Guiding newbies to sites they joined; as a newbie, it is common for you to struggle and make mistakes as you learn the ropes. For instance, freelancers who sign up to Upwork quickly find out that that’s the easy process; one has to create a nice profile that will help them bid for jobs with ease. Thus, there are pros who earn from such newbies by helping them create the profiles, bid for projects, and so on so forth, for a fee.

  • 88

    Domain hosting services; selling domains and hosting sites on behalf of clients is also an easy way of making much money online.

  • 89

    VOIP; VOIP stands for voice over internet protocol and here, people are able to make calls over the internet, rather than using the traditional phones and mobile phones. With VOIP, you will just need to have a router, Gateway, and SIM cards. It is much cheaper making international calls via VOIP than via a mobile network. This may require some financial muscles to invest in but once you get going there is much money to be made online from VOIP.

  • 90

    Payment gateway solutions; online payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, Skrill, and the likes are all the brainchildren of online entrepreneurs. Each time a customer transacts, you earn a commission. But you have to be good at coding and web development.

  • 91

    Online TV; an online TV is easier to start compared to the traditional TV that necessitated one to have a mast, boosters, a physical location, etc. But with online TV, you can broadcast live on the internet without need for any external equipment like masts. Viewers will stream your programmes live or watch them later via YouTube.

  • 92

    Social media group admin; with the new data protection laws passed by the EU recently, the way we handle and use data online has greatly been altered. Brands and companies are willing to pay admins of their social media pages just to sift through the content and ensure there’s no infringement of the law that’s taking place. As an admin, you get paid to just moderate on the group or page, it could be a Whatsapp group, Facebook group, and so on so forth.

  • 93

    Academic writing; millions of students studying across the world’s universities and colleges pay millions each year to have pros handle their assignments and dissertations. Academic writing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online and you can pick from any field that you’re good at; humanities, sciences, languages, and so on. There are different methods of writing academic projects, and you have to have an eye and ear for detail.

  • 94

    Selling accounts online; 90% of academic writing is done from writing accounts like Studypool, WriterBay, Uvocorp, Essay Shark, and so many more. Thus, as a broker, you could buy the accounts from one writer and later resell them at a higher price once the ratings have improved. Buying and selling of academic writing accounts is as lucrative as the writing itself.

  • 95

    Airbnb business; do you have spare space in your property that you can rent out? As an Airbnb host, you can promote your space online and have numerous responses from guests looking for the same. You don’t need to go up and down looking for potential guests, or place ads on newspapers and other platforms. Airbnb is entirely an online thing; place an ad, await responses, seal a deal, and earn your money; all from the comfort of your home.

  • 96

    Answering questions; get paid to give answers and advice online! Check out sites like FunAdvice, KGB, Ether, to start with.

  • 97

    Ad revenue system; sites like Instamojo and Traffic Monsoon let you make money by buying ad packs, and earning when visitors watch that ad.

  • 98

    Installing Auto responders; you will need a team to help you in coding and developing software that will help you create an auto responder like Aweber. The returns are good and you can earn thousands of pounds each month.

  • 99

    Online travel show; do you love traveling and touring new places? Take nice photos and videos of your travel, get nice nature shots and later sell them online to travel and tour companies. You could even liaise with a tour and travel company to make it appear like they are the ones that facilitated your travel; you get to promote their brand and they’ll pay you for that.

  • 100

    Online Car reviews; are you a motor vehicle geek who is good in making observations? The internet has opportunities for you to earn, get paid to review the latest cars or compare two different brands. There are numerous online platforms where your prowess may come in handy and while at it, earn some cash.

In summary how to earn money online in Sri Lanka;

The internet is a goldmine and like all goldmines, you have to search in the right places. Gold has to pass through a difficult process before it attains it’s shiny and dazzling allure. What I’m I trying to say? Making money online is possible and practical, but you will need to be patient and persistent. But once you’ve gotten your footing, you’ll never want to be employed by anybody. Thousands of university students have graduated but refused to seek employment, all thanks to the handsome earnings they make from freelancing, blogging, academic writing and other online ventures. Please feel free to share with me any online venture you think I have left out. I also welcome any queries or clarification you need from the above mentioned 100 ways to make money online.

All the best!