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What Is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of increasing the number of visitors to your business website by organically ranking your website in top results of Google’s SERP (Search Engine Results Page) for the user searched query. SEO helps you to increase the ranking of your business website in an online medium like search engines, thereby making it easier for the potential customers to find you.

SEO For Your Business In Sri Lanka:

In Sri Lanka most of the people use Google to search for any information about the product or to know about any service, they use the internet to look for the products online instead of visiting the store physically. As the online presence of the people has been increasing day by day, it is important to promote the business online to get more leads or conversions for the business.

How We Help You Get More Leads?

As the best SEO consultants in Sri Lanka, We will help you in getting more traffic to your business website. As SEO consultants, We will research your business industry and will find the potential search terms with high search volume. We will help your business to get more conversions by driving in the traffic to your website from search engines by ranking your website in Google for those potential search terms. As people enter your business website by searching for the related terms that you are offering, the probability of the conversions will be very high. As a professional SEO consultant in Sri Lanka, we will optimize your website to rank in top search results of Google.

Future Of SEO in Sri Lanka:

In Sri Lanka, Even small business crew started moving their business toward online. So as a starter or a big business giant, online presence is the must. As a business people, you should have the official website representing your business product or service. In Sri Lanka, SEO will rule the business industries in future. So to be successful in your business you should adapt to SEO in near future to gain more customers.

Advantages Of SEO:

Though SEO will take long turnaround time to rank the website in the top results of Google’s SERP for the user’s search query, SEO will help your business in the long run to get more leads. You can get more ROI (Return On Investment) by using SEO. Also, your business will get more brand visibility in online mediums by appearing in Google for the relevant terms the people are searching for.

Why You Need SEO From Us?

We have years of experience in SEO and will help you to get more clicks for your business website organically. We have experts who have been passionate in this field. Whether you are a small business or big e-commerce giant, we will help you get more clicks for your website in Sri Lanka. So by availing Search Engine Optimization service from us, you can assure that you are on the right path to grow your business online.

Why ClickDo?

We have been offering SEO services to businesses ACROSS THE WORLD. In other words, we have immense experience working with businesses in matters polishing and sprucing up their business sites. It doesn’t matter the nature or size of your business; if your website is not visible on the major search engines like Google, then you’re doomed to stagnate or fail.

We have helped businesses in the UK, US, India, to gain top ranking.Top ranking means that a consumer looking for results on the search engine in Sri Lanka will find your page ranked at the top.Read More..

Anytime you do a search and get results on the search engine, always remember that it is never by accident or coincidence that you see what you see! It takes efforts and skills to ensure that a brand or product appears at the top.

With ClickDo, you can always count on a team of SEO and digital marketers that’s experienced and highly adaptive to the dynamics of online marketing.We are affordable; we are your listening and caring partner. Like aforementioned, you can always find a solution with us regardless of your budget or size of business.
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SEO Tips for Sri Lanka Businesses

The internet is slowly changing the way we do business. Research has shown that today, most young Sri Lankans are increasingly relying on their mobile phones to research on goods or services that they seek. Thus, a young Sri Lankan looking for the best restaurant in Colombo is unlikely to go asking friends or family; instead, a quick search on their Smartphone or other devices will quickly offer all the info they need. A couple looking for the best wedding gown in Sri Lanka is likewise likely to get more results by conducting an online search, than from hopping from one shop to the other.

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Now, for your businesses or brand to appear at the top of their search results, you’ll need to have your house in order.Which is where ClickDo comes in! We will polish and tweak your site so that it gets top ranking.Forget the old school way of cluttering your ages with keywords in the hope that Google will automatically rank you at the top! That’s no longer working! There’s more to SEO than just using the right keywords! Only by working with a reputable and experienced company like ClickDo.

Our SEO team is well versed in the latest tricks and skills in the world of online marketing. From blogging to linking your site to other related and more prominent sites, or even creating a robust social media presence; we have the necessary skills to get you at the top. The beauty of SEO is that once the efforts pay off, you are always assured of a top spot for a few months; during this time, you can reap huge benefits and profits. Sri Lanka is expected to witness more internet connectivity in the next few years, and as a business owner, the least you can do is to position yourself. The old means of advertisement like TV, radio, newspapers; these are increasingly being rendered useless.

Instead, advertising has been taken to online platforms. That is to say that most marketing nowadays is done digitally. ClickDo SEO services in Sri Lanka are affordable and meant to help local businesses compete globally. Unlike most digital marketing companies, ClickDo has immense experience having worked with major brands across the world; our track record is evident and out there for all to see. Don’t entrust your business success to newbies that are still learning the ropes of digital marketing. By working with a reputable company, you are assured of positive results. Mr. Fernando, who is the brains behind ClickDo, has over 10 years of SEO and digital marketing! His exposure on the international stage places him well above most marketers and equips him with unique skills that will come in handy.

Don’t worry about starting small or with a tight budget; ClickDo has a policy of helping nurture all businesses to help them gain an online presence. We now have a fully operational branch of ClickDo in Sri Lanka; you just need to contact us and we’ll be glad to send over our representatives for a quick meeting to understand your goals. Usually, we start by listening to you, understanding what services you are offering, the status of your business site, before recommending the way forward. It’s not enough to have the right pages on your site; you must strive to stay a step ahead of your competitors. Trust us to work with you every st
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Search engine optimization is dynamic and ever-changing. The same skills you applied 2 years ago may not work so well today. ClickDo is your reliable and caring partner; we look at the long-term picture. We are offering handsome discounts to the first 10 businesses in Sri Lanka that hire our services this festive season! Just get in touch today and we’ll be glad to explain it all.

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