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Facebook Advertising Services In Sri Lanka

Advertising on Facebook makes it easy to find the right people, capture their attention and get results. Facebook advertising can assist big, average or small businesses grow. Digital marketing has taken over in Sri Lanka and the internet has become a mass communications medium in the country.

With the rapid economic growth of the country, business people have discovered the new marketing and advertising strategies that are available on Facebook. ClickDo has emerged as the best firm for Facebook marketing that will take businesses in Sri Lanka to a whole new level. ClickDo is a creative digital the agency that focusses on growing brands online.

Facebook Advertising Guide For Sri Lankan Businesses

Ever since Facebook was created in 2004, a lot has changed on this social media platform, and a lot continues to change. From a primarily socializing site where friends and family would connect, to a modern marketing machine that’s transforming how business is done globally; Facebook has been such a game changer, in such a short duration. It’s only in 2014 that Facebook started allowing the site to be used by marketers and advertisers. In Sri Lanka, the number of Facebook users by 2017 stood at not less than 6 million. In other words, there are 6 million Sri Lankans who access Facebook regularly What if these 6 million men and women found you on Facebook too? Facebook advertizing often relies on ads that appear on newsfeeds of users. Facebook ads heralded a new dawn in the world of social advertizing; as a business operating in Sri Lanka, this post is for you and it’s meant to shed more light on everything you need to know about Facebook Advertizing.

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook collects a lot of data from every user; Facebook knows posts you’re likely to comment on or like, Facebook knows your friends and their interests, Facebook even goes ahead to suggest friends to you. In that regard, Facebook knows a lot about your tastes and preferences. Businesses pay Facebook for ads, and these ads are disseminated based on the patterns of preference that Facebook has collected from every user. In simpler terms, Facebook is a highly accurate form of advertising that makes use of sponsored posts, sponsored links, sponsored ads, sponsored stories, even the so called Canvas ads. Facebook will direct users to your products, purely based on their personal interests and interests; meaning that only relevant users will be targeted.

How can Facebook marketing help business?

A growing economy and a middle class with increasing spending power have seen many Sri Lankans adopt modern, tech savvy lifestyles. More and more Sri Lankans are turning to the internet to shop, and to research about new goods or services. Out of all the internet users, about 86% of them will find their way to Facebook. With an active Facebook ad or link, you’re able to reach tens of thousands on any given day. As a business, you just need to position your business by offering the best services, quality goods.  Facebook advertizing is highly customizable and you’re able to get detailed reports of all users that visited your Page, their comments or complaints, and such like. Your business or brand is given prominence and visibility among possible customers and clients. Despite the ability to reach thousands, even millions of people from your target market, Facebook is relatively affordable even for a small, upcoming business. You’re charged per clicks (CPC), depending on various factors like size of your audience, quality of ad, time of the year you’re buying the ads, and so on.

Facebook Advertising for businesses in Sri Lanka

The fact that Sri Lanka is a top tourist destination is like a two edged sword. It’s a good thing because it earns the country a lot of foreign cash from visiting tourists; however, it places some pressure on small, local businesses that have to compete and strive to compete with bigger, better, sometimes international brands. But guess what? The internet is an equalizer! Internet marketing gives a level playing field for all businesses. Facebook ads in particular will enable you to compete with bigger, better established brands and businesses. Whether you’re in the hotel and hospitality industry, food and beverages, fashion and design, finance, health, sports, you name it! Facebook advertizing is the surest way to reach a big number of your target audience, without spending an arm and a leg. A Sri Lankan teen looking to purchase the best, original phone in Colombo, or the best suit, is likely to start by doing a quick search online! Traditionally, one would have been expected to walk from one shop to the other, window shopping. A good businessperson will have live Facebook ads and sponsored links well in advance, showing products or services they’re selling.

  • How to can ClickDo social media experts help with Facebook advertising?

Here at ClickDo, we understand very well that a majority of small and upcoming businesses in Sri Lanka operate under tight budgets, in a highly competitive environment. Our extremely dedicated team of digital marketers will strive to ensure that we help target the relevant audiences, for maximum results. We have a good understanding of the latest consumer trends and spending habits of Sri Lankans and as such, we’re best placed to initiate a multi pronged, multi faceted online marketing campaign that among other channels, utilizes Facebook advertizing. We start by arranging a free consultative meeting where our representatives seek to learn more about your business, goals, objectives, and who you wish to reach. We’ll also explain to you the methods and tools we use in order to implement an effective marketing campaign that will help bring more traffic to your business. We utilize both organic and paid strategies that have tried and tested world over. ClickDo also brings you unique experience gained from having worked with different businesses, different niches; these include Real Estate, Hotels, Health, finance, sports, mining and manufacturing, to mention but a few. Don’t trust the fate of your business to newbies who are still experimenting with digital marketing; we’ve been at it for long, we guarantee you of tangible results within 2 months, and our rates are quite affordable.


Kindly get in touch with our team today, drop us an email or give us a call on +94 11 365 3333 and we’ll be glad to hear from you. We’re offering a special discount to all Sri Lankan businesses that’ll try out our digital marketing services between now and end of the year. We are quite flexible, if you’re too engaged to meet us personally; our team will organize a Skype Call where you can share with our team exactly how you wish to be helped out. Remember, digital marketing is the future of marketing globally; stay ahead of the pack today by hiring us to help take your Sri Lankan business to greater heights.

What makes ClickDo tick when it comes to Facebook advertising?

Unlike other agencies that specialize in promoting already established companies, ClickDo serves all agencies. From automotive, beauty and fashion, real estate, food and beverage, medical and healthcare … the list is endless. The agency employs unconventional digital marketing services to give its clients’ businesses succeed online. They have gained the most advanced search engine optimization and digital marketing techniques by proving their outstanding strategies in London, UK.

ClickDo drives quality traffic from a wide range of sources with strategically planned parallel systems. The agency will use well planned systems to manage Sri Lankan projects with ease. Their techniques have been verified and tested in the toughest markets and tailored depending on customer’s specifications. They utilize both paid and organic strategies to drive traffic adapting qualitative procedures to maintain the brand authority on the web.

Ready to discuss your project?

ClickDo is the best for Facebook advertising in Sri Lanka. Its quality services and the fact that it employs current technology trends will work to give any company in the a country the best results.