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Are you a business owner looking to take your business to the next level? Or is your business stagnating and you’re wondering what is not happening? You have the stock, you have everything in order, but the sales don’t just seem to be improving! Well, the problem could be that you’ve not yet embraced digital marketing! Digital marketing is a form of promotion that relies on different channels to give visibility to your brand.

Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing is more effective and extremely affordable. It is a multi-pronged approach to marketing where one is able to come up with a strategy, implement it, monitor it, and keep on improving on whatever needs to be improved.

ClickDo is pleased to announce our entry into the Sri Lankan market, offering businesses the best digital marketing services. Our services are what you need in order to rebrand and reinvent yourself in an increasingly competitive market.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing;

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing

The most notable thing about traditional marketing is that the information used is one way; the advertiser bombards audiences with information they may need or not need. But with digital marketing, you’re able to see people’s responses via social media and other platforms! With this feedback, you’re able to know what needs to improve on or changed. Even the major brands in Sri Lanka are opting for digital marketing because they understand that this is where most young and tech-savvy people live their lives.

With newspapers and TV, it becomes trickier getting to know what the response is once an ad has been placed. ClickDo uses the latest digital marketing skills to place your business at the top. When most businesses hear about digital marketing, they assume that it is a complex exercise that’s costly and only ideal for large businesses.

This is not the case! Regardless of the size of your business, you can always benefit greatly from digital marketing. And secondly, digital marketing in Sri Lanka is way cheaper and more affordable, compared to the traditional form of marketing.

What digital marketing will do to your business ..?

Once you contact us seeking details of how we go about marketing online, the first thing we will do is to try and understand the nature of your business. From finance, health, banking, sports, family, tourism an, hospitality; there are many niches today and knowing where your business lies is the first step towards success. Remember to succeed, you’ll need to plan. Know your competitors. See what they are doing better than you, or where you can outdo them.

Our business development managers at the agency are always ready to offer you free and professional advice on the best way to promote your brand online. Like we mentioned, earlier, Sri Lanka is expected to experience more internet connectivity in 2018 and this will only mean one thing; more people turning to the internet to shop and make crucial decisions on how to spend their money. Digital marketing will help you advertise your goods or services at little cost.

It’ll also make it easier for you to run your business because most of your customers will be engaging you online; this is easier compared to sitting in your business and waiting for customers to come in with their queries.

To go Digital is to be smart

Nowadays, the mantra of the entire word for most businesses is to work smart, rather than working hard. You can have your business site automated so that customers can shop online, make payments online, and all you do is to deliver the goods to them. Look at what big companies in the world like Amazon and eBay are doing! Thus, you use social media and other digital marketing platforms to woo customers and have them also shop via an automated system.

This is the future the world is headed to; the earlier you embrace it the better for you.This is especially the case for businesses that target international market; think of jewellery exporters or luxury hotels looking to attract visitors coming to holiday in Sri Lanka. Even local businesses too can cash in on this strategy of working smart; the returns are always impressive.

Our digital marketing services are affordable

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The good thing about hiring an internationally recognized company like ClickDo is that we have experience working with different businesses. We do not rely on trial and error methods where your businesses and profitability are concerned. We have an impressive portfolio of all businesses that we have helped succeed. We’ll be so glad to share such. Digital marketing is more than just embracing social media and bombarding audiences with promotional messages. Rather, it is a long-term strategy that aims to promote your brand, but also learn and take note of what the potential buyers are saying. We are able to help in creating this strategy, implementing it, and monitoring it in order to see how the market is responding to the marketing efforts.

Our rates are also affordable for all businesses. The fact that we can allow you to play in flexible installments means that we are your caring, reliable partner. We are not so much interested in making money from you, as to see that your business has moved from one level to another. Internet marketing is the fuel that enables your business to move from one level of success to another. Failure to market your business online means stagnation, or even worse, closure due to competition from other businesses.

Talk to us today about digital marketing

We have a professional and warm team of customer care; always on standby and ready to speak to you. Feel free to speak to us with all your digital marketing queries, we always offer free advice and consultation on the best way forward. Our IT and business development team comprises of highly skilled and experienced men and women. ClickDo is your best bet if you’re looking for a digital marketing in Sri Lanka that combined professionalism and affordability. You can never go wrong with us.

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