Foolproof SEO Activities to Boost a Website in Google SERP

Foolproof SEO Activities to Boost a Website in Google SERP

There’s never been nothing worth burning the midnight oil over for digital marketers than Search Engine Results Pages. This refers to pages displayed in search engine results after a user types in a query with relevant keywords in a search engine. To climb to the top of Google’s search engine results, you need to do a few things to give your business a stronger online presence. These activities are centered on factors that influence page ranking for Google:

Unique information different from what other websites have

foolproof-SEOGo an extra mile to provide content that cuts that mark for users. Images and videos for instance perform better than text and they keep a user more engaged. Having said that videos and images should be properly tagged and accompanied with a brief textual description. Unnamed photos or images cannot be recognized by Google’s search engine robotics, and thus and will not bring about better ranking. The tags and descriptions for your images should contain a keyword that relates to your product or service or title of the page.

Fresh and new information

Run a daily blog and keep your content great. Official information from Google is that their search engine robotics favor fresh and new information on the web. A website with new information is ranked on top of SERPs for it is deemed to be more active. It goes without saying that if your blog content is particularly great other websites will borrow your content and introduce a link back to you on their website. Double points for you. Aim to provide daily reports, stories, press releases and general information about the industry.

Profile of the website and Keyword match

Provide clear and detailed information about your business in the about us page. This helps search engines to better understand your business. Businesses that rank higher on google have detailed information such as location, maps, opening and closing time.

You also need to find new keywords relevant to your product or service and create new and unique content around these keywords. Google itself is an excellent keyword research too. Your pages, headings and subtitles should have relevant keywords that users are more likely to include in their search queries.

Number of inbound links to the website from other websites

Google’s search robotics follow links, they literally crawl on links online to find new and relevant information. So Google gave ‘Prominence’ as a factor for ranking websites. How does this work? It is simple, a website is deemed to be more prominent if the crawlers find many links back to your website from other renowned websites. Therefore to achieve higher rankings on google simply share your content online as much as possible. You can communicate to other website administrators and ask them to include links to your website in their content, in exchange for you doing the same. Whenever you visit other websites and read their content you ca also leave intelligent and unique information in the comments section, and drop a link to your website there. Some websites also invite guest articles with links.


The top page in SERP is like prime land that every developer eyes. Higher rankings translate to more traffic, this in turn translates to more product/service awareness and increased sales volume. It is therefore worth the effort.