How ClickDo Solutions Can Help You Get Ahead Of The Game

The secret to getting ahead is getting started and one way of getting started is to market your business well. Marketing and promoting your brand is a sure way of driving up sales; yet, most businesses would rather stick to their comfort zone! The success of your business has much to do with how good you are at marketing your brand. Today, digital marketing is the new frontier that businesses are using to get customers and clients. Any business that doesn’t have an online presence is doomed from the start. Here at ClickDo, we offer professional, affordable, and reliable digital marketing services to businesses. ClickDo Solutions has the experience, the skills, and the time to help rebrand your business image and come up with an effective online marketing strategy.

How do they do that?

Consultative meeting; the first thing that ClickDo will do upon being contacted, is to schedule a quick consultative meeting. No charges, the meet up is completely free and you’ll get to meet the wonderful team of marketers from ClickDo Solutions. They’ll seek to understand your business, your target market, and so on. Digital marketing is all about goals, objectives, implementations and assessments; all these will be discussed during the meeting.

Clear plan; after the consultative meeting, ClickDo will advise your business on the best way forward, taking into consideration your budget, objectives, and type of business. They have experience dealing with businesses from all cadres; including real estate, hotels and restaurants, financial institutions, manufacturing businesses, and even celebs and politician branding, you name it, they’ve done it ! You can thus count on them to help any kind of business that’s looking to market itself online. The marketing plan is usually implemented in phases, which means that progress is constantly reviewed and evaluated.seo-specialists-strategies

Best SEO practices; digital marketing tactics keep changing, thanks to the dynamic nature of consumer trends and habits. Your business will benefit a lot from good SEO practices from ClickDo.  The company has some of the best, most experienced web designers and marketing experts you can find anywhere.  Your projects are in the best hands, thanks to the expertise and skills of the ClickDo team. From blogging to optimizing your business site, using social media to promote your business, and much more, this is one digital marketing company that has a proven track record of delivering results.

Brand loyalty; brand loyalty is the ability to retain new clients, please old ones, and continually expand and hold your customer base. Brand loyalty is achieved through delivering quality services, proper pricing, and making your customers/clients feel that they are appreciated. With ClickDo, you’re able to interact, better with your consumers via different online platforms. They’ll also help sustain promotional strategies to help raise brand awareness. By using modern marketing tools, you’re able to see the number of clients/customers you’ve retained over a given duration, you’re able to see feedback or queries from consumers; ClickDo relies on the latest digital marketing tools and analytics to provide you with figures and statistics to help you monitor the progress being made.

Feel free to contact ClickDo Solutions customer care team now for all your digital marketing needs.

How To Beat The Competition With Search Engine Optimization

In business, one has to always think ahead of the competition because you are competing for the same consumers and the best business wins; often, it’s not so much about the quality or affordability of your goods/ services; instead, it is about how well you promote your brand. True, the quality of your service matters a lot, the pricing matters too. However, at the end of the day, it will all depend on the marketing and promotion of your brand. SEO and digital marketing go hand in hand, it is impossible to speak of one without the other.  Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is the surest way to get your website ranked to the top pages of Google, and other major search engines. SEO best practices and tricks will come in handy when you try to excel in the midst of cut-throat competition.

Tips and Best Practices

  • Most business owners hasten to open business websites, only to leave them dormant for months or years. A good website will need to be optimized so that it appears quickly on the top pages during a search. Google is just a referee acting as the gatekeeper; websites have to compete for the top spot on the first pages. Remember, consumers tend to click almost automatically to searches on the first page of search engines; very rarely do they click on the bottom links or those on the second page.
  • The optimization gets done through different methods. In any case, the fact that a visitor has clicked on your site doesn’t mean that they’ll proClickDo-Solutions-Digital-Marketing-7ceed to make a purchase or give a query call. Research done has shown that upon visiting a site, visitors decide within 4 seconds whether to stay or exit. In that regard, the content on the pages have to be catchy and relevant, the images used must also be captivating. Use of long text and overly promotional content are considered as ‘turn offs’ which make visitors exit fast.
  • Once the Pages are given the right content, right images and videos, you’ll still need to embark on promoting the site. Having social media presence is a great way of pulling traffic to the site. Likewise, blogging and linking your site to other more authoritative sites are also highly recommended. Remember, the more traffic to your site, the more opportunities you’re likely to reap on your business. More traffic means more leads that you can convert into actual sales. Which is why any business should strive at all times to be ranked among top pages of search engines; it’s a strategy that never disappoints.

Competition in any business is inevitable, it is actually healthy, however making a profit and seeing the business grow will be  next to impossible unless you embrace digital marketing. There are professional SEO companies that can help optimize your website so that you rank at the top. Here at ClickDo, we guarantee businesses not just top ranking within a month, but also remaining at that top spot for longer.  Get in touch today; let’s discuss your options with our experienced team of digital marketers.

What Is Digital Marketing And How Can You Use It To Your Advantage

Digital marketing is any form of marketing that is done on digital platforms, especially online. Just a few years ago, digital marketing was in its infancy as marketers tried to create perfect models and strategies to interact with consumers. Today, digital marketing has become a way of life, any business that doesn’t invest in marketing itself online risks being edged out. Digital marketing is done using different channels like SEO, content marketing, video marketing, and email marketing, and so on. A huge chunk of your target consumers spend much of their time online, searching and surfing the net. As a business, you have to find a way to reach the consumer, make your brand or service known. How do you do this? Via Facebook marketing, designing the perfect websites with great content and images, having a robust social media presence, to mention a few; all these efforts and strategies are collectively referred to as digital marketing.

Is Digital Marketing Really Worth the Effort?ClickDo-Solutions-Digital-Marketing-3

Yes it is, digital marketing is a must have for any business looking to thrive in an increasingly competitive market. It’s not enough having a good website, or a Facebook business page; digital marketing is a long term, multi faceted strategy. Although some businesses would want to market their brands online by themselves, at some point, you’ll need to get a professional digital marketer. Why? Because the tactics and methods used keep changing. For instance, a few years ago all one needed was a website, with content stuffed with the right keywords. But as more and more businesses entered the online market, the bar was set higher and Google became stricter on the kind of content fit for top ranking.  Only a professional digital marketer is able to keep up with the vigor of online marketing. Is it a coincidence that the major brands and businesses in the world today all have a very robust online presence? Rather than sitting and waiting for customers, to come knocking for your services, digital marketing helps you reach out to large numbers of people at once, with minimal cost.

Using Digital Marketing to Your Advantage is Easy;

Digital marketing will only succeed when you take time to plan and strategize on the way forward. What does your business wish to achieve; more presence on social media platforms? More positive review and comments or more likes and comments?  The first step towards designing any digital marketing strategy lies in having clear goals. Have a clear goal, work towards it, be realistic and most of all be consistent, and keep evaluating your progress every now and then. Here at ClickDo, we pride ourselves in being a world class digital marketing agency. Having worked with dozens of businesses our team of IT and marketing gurus always deliver results, we are your best pick if you’re looking for a professional and affordable digital marketing agency; regardless of the size or nature of your business, ClickDo is equipped for the job.